Friday, June 28, 2013

Little Truck Without a Load


Little Blue sits in a truck lot, waiting to be sold.  One by one, his truck friends are bought, and disappear, but no one seems interested in Little Blue.  Every night he whispers, "The one who built me with special care knows just what kind of loads I'll bear."  But he is sad.  Will he ever be sold and carry a load?

A children's book is absolutely nothing without an illustrator who can bring it to life.  I have been so blessed to have Carlene Dingman Atwater illustrate my Little Truck book.  She has been drawing and painting fine art for over twenty-five years, and her talents are amazing!  It is hard to believe this is just her first illustrated children's book.  Carlene, married to Jim for thirty-five years, also lives in Iowa.  She is the mother of two adult children and has two delightful grandchildren, Taylor and Hannah.  Carlene's work can be found at

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  1. Hi Andrea, I found your blog and could order from it.
    Great little book!

  2. We received your book from my children's grandmother Leeanne Humiston. My kids LOVE it. Thanks for such a sweet book with a great message.